Station Facility Maintenance Painting

To best protect your assets, MJP Energy Services recommends preventative maintenance at regular intervals to prevent costly corrective solutions. Regular facility maintenance ensures compliance, peace of mind and long-term solutions to compulsory functioning needs.

Benefits of Maintenance Painting

Did you know? An effective coating program can lower overall facility costs!

  • Protects against fading, cracking and peeling
  • Decelerates damage from weather exposure
  • Increases life span of painted surfaces
  • Prevents non-compliance with safety regulations (OSHA)
  • Protects costly assets for maximum ROI

Why MJP Energy?

Working with an established company like MJP Energy Services with a rich history of exceeding expectations guarantees a great experience from start to finish.

From expertise to communication to follow through, MJP Energy Services and crews have high standards and an excellent reputation.

Working with MJP Energy Services delivers the following and more:

  • Identify current coating systems
  • Remove and remedy incorrect coating systems
  • Recommend new coating systems and color schemes
  • Evaluate current conditions for best results (i.e. humidity, heat, etc.)
  • Provide accurate budget and scheduling info
  • Supply daily progress reports for transparent communication
  • Over 53 years of experience in industrial painting

Project Services

  • Selection of correct coating system for the application
  • Proper stripping and sanding
  • Pressure washing
  • Minor repair work
  • Caulking