With over 50 years of nationwide experience in the oil and natural gas pipeline industry, we provide specialized Right of Way (ROW) Maintenance services. These include dedicated teams to maintain ROW integrity for long-term contracts with vegetation management plans.

We provide specialized services for right of way maintenance based on what our clients have most frequently requested.

These services complement our oil and natural gas pipeline coating services as a one-stop location for your next big project.


  • ROW Maintenance: Clearing of overgrowth, grinding, grubbing, chipping, tree trimming and removal, brush hogging
  • Long Term Contracts: Dedicated teams to maintain ROW integrity; vegetation management plans
  • Compliance and Reliability: With 50+ years in the coating industry, we’ve learned some new tricks along the way. Our customers have come to rely on us since we consistently deliver high-end service.
  • High-End Equipment: We have top-of-the-line equipment to properly and efficiently complete Right of Way Maintenance projects.

Our customers trust us with the big picture down to the very last detail. Our Right-of-Way Maintenance services are designed to give our customers confidence with our history of:

  • Completing Projects the Right Way
  • With the Best Equipment
  • Following Proper Industry, Safety and Environmental Procedures

Right of Way Specialized Services

  • Right of Way Maintenance
  • Clearing and grubbing
  • Grinding and chipping
  • Brush mowing
  • Forestry mulching
  • Tree and canopy trimming
  • Vegetation management plan
  • Weed control
  • Crews available now


We take pride in our Veriforce, MEA safety-trained and operator-qualified crews who are briefed daily for each project. We hold association with ITS, PEC, Northeast Gas Association and Energy WorldNet and comply with EHS requirements. These are just a few steps we have taken to meet the high standards of ourselves and our clients.

We follow FERC wetland and waterway construction and mitigation procedures. These, coupled with each customer’s conditions, work to protect:

  • The Environment
  • Landowners
  • Livestock
  • Customer
  • Contractor

With our ROW maintenance services, our customers can expect the same standard of service we apply to every division of MJP Energy Services.

Contact us at 844-977-9700 to find out more about our newest suite of services in Right of Way Maintenance!


  • Veriforce, MEA safety trained and operator qualified employees
  • ITS/PEC/Northeast Gas Assoc/Energy WorldNet
  • Comply with EHS requirements